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Eurodent dentistry prices as of 2021

Consultation and initial examination

Consultation with subsequent treatment free
Examination by the doctor 260UAH
Consultation 440UAH
"ANTI-Covid" sterile set 210 UAH
Visiography (spot-film radiograph) 185 UAH
Anesthesia 90-280 UAH
STA computer anesthesia 495 UAH

Hygiene and Prevention

Removal of dental plaque by ultrasound (one jaw) 378-475 UAH
Removal of dental plaque by ultrasound + Air-Flow (one jaw) 1068 UAH
Fluoridation of all teeth 90-340 UAH
Ozone sterilization of tooth cavity or root canal 195-295 UAH
Ozone treatment of herpetic eruptions, stomatitis, aft 190 UAH
Laser Anesthetic Therapy 265 UAH

Therapeutic treatment

Glass Ionomer filling 720 UAH
Photopolymer filling depending on the degree of tooth destruction 720-1855 UAH
"Icon" technology (the newest approach to treatment of caries without preparation) 1575 UAH
Treatment of a single-rooted tooth (processing with a hand instrument, filling with the method of lateral condensation) 750 UAH
Treatment of a single-rooted tooth (processing with a rotor instrument, hot gutta percha filling) 940 UAH
Treatment of a single-rooted tooth under a microscope 5785UAH
First AIM 840UAH


Vector-therapy 1 jaw 3470 UAH
Vector-therapy (both jaws) 5850 UAH
Debridement of periodontal pockets in the area of 1 tooth 610 UAH
Non-surgical debridement (1 segment) 2500 UAH
Non-surgical debridement (1 jaw) 4650 UAH
Non-surgical debridement (2 jaws) 7880 UAH
Bacterial swab test 1060 UAH
Laser biostimulation 685 UAH


Homemade whitening (one jaw) 1780 UAH
Zoom whitening (one jaw) 2320 UAH
Laser whitening of all teeth 6200 UAH
Intracavitary whitening of one tooth 1270 UAH

Dental surgery

Extraction of a loosened tooth 520 UAH
Tooth extraction (I degree of complexity) 1350 UAH
Tooth extraction (II degree of complexity) 2140 UAH
Tooth extraction (III degree of complexity) (recumbent wisdom tooth) 2785 UAH
Root apex surgery 2800 UAH
Excision of the dental operculum with a scalpel 650 UAH
Laser removal of an operculum 1320 UAH
A-PRF therapy - accelerated recovery of bone defects using own blood-derived biomaterials (1 tube) New!!! 1080 UAH


Implantation surgery with “Bicon” system (USA) 25500 UAH
Implantation surgery with “Straumann” system 26670 UAH
Implantation surgery with “Megagen” system 14380 UAH
Implantation surgery with “Short” system 16580 UAH

Dental veneers

Composite veneer 3775 UAH
Ceramic veneer from 7170 UAH

Prosthetic dentistry (prosthetics)

Metal-ceramic dental crown 5740 UAH
Metal-ceramic crown on the implant from 6880 UAH
Metal-free crown / Cercon 8260 UAH
Cercon crown on implant 11025 UAH
Dental veneers 7170 UAH

Orthodontic treatment

Removable laminar dentures 4390 UAH
Fixed laminar dentures from 2150 UAH
Extraoral appliances (face mask, etc.) from 2200 UAH
Functional dental devices (retainer, activator, elasto-aligner, tire, etc.) from 2535 UAH
Aligners (Set-up, Essix, Ortho-snap, Invisalign, etc.) New!!! from 1770 UAH
Metal Braces from 14350 UAH
Ceramic Braces from 14890 UAH
Sapphire Braces from 17720 UAH
Lingual Braces from 33100 UAH

Children's dentistry

Dental fissure sealing (one tooth) from 420 UAH
Remineralizing therapy from 295 UAH
Professional oral hygiene 435 UAH
Consultation with an orthodontist to prevent bite disorder from 295 UAH
Tongue frenulum and lips plastics using laser New !!! (depending on complexity) 1100-2890 UAH

Other services

Dental treatment with sedation 5200 UAH
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Kyiv, 6/2, Krutoy spusk
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